Valentine's Day Gift Guide



As a man who’s been in committed long-term relationships over 85% of his adult life, I’d like to think I know a few things about wooing “the fairer sex.” Creating a fantastic date night (on Valentine’s Day or otherwise) isn’t about grand gestures, but doing the little things that make a lady feel special. Here is our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide with suggestions that are sure to make the day and night memorable.


Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Charcoal Rescue Masque by Dermalogica

Charcoal Rescue Masque by Dermalogica



The key to feeling sexy is not just looking good, but feeling good. The Charcoal Rescue Masque from Atlanta based DERMALOGICA ( is a great start: It removes all impurities from the skin, treating acne and redness and adding a vibrant facial glow to counter the dreariness of winter…


Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Brandy Pear Scrub by Farmhouse Fresh

Brandy Pear Scrub by Farmhouse Fresh

Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Honey Lavender Scrub by Farmhouse Fresh

Honey Lavender Scrub by Farmhouse Fresh








Body Scrubs from FARMHOUSE FRESH ( help to exfoliate and leave her skin soft and smooth, with tantalizing scents such as Brandy Pear and Honey Lavender…


Valentine's Day Gift Guide -Flora2000 Coconut Fresh Spa Hamper in a Basket

Coconut Fresh Spa Hamper in a Basket by Flora2000


If you really want her to feel pampered, get the Coconut Fresh Spa Hamper from FLORA2000 ( This impressive collection is stuffed with Vanilla Coconut-scented products, including body lotion, shower gel, bath caviar, body butter, bubble bath, a natural sponge, and a pair of soft waffle slippers.


Eva Bra & Panty Set by Q-T Intimates

Eva Bra & Panty Set by Q-T Intimates



Lavishing your lady with clothes that make her feel (and look) like a million bucks is guaranteed to put a swagger in her step. Start with sweetly risqué lingerie from Q-T INTIMATES ( Their embroidered Eva bra & panty set is a perfect blend of fashion and function…


Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Dresses by Venus

Slimming Lace Dress, Cold Shoulder Printed Dress, Short Lace Dress by Venus


My lady loves clothes from VENUS (, which specializes in sexy styles for women who realize age is nothing but a number. Their Slimming Lace Dress, Short Lace Dress, Cold Shoulder Printed Dress are dazzling, with curve-hugging cuts that’ll leave you both in the mood for love…


Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Heart Landon Wedges by OkaB Shoes

Valentine’s Day Gift Cherry Heart Landon Wedge by Oka-B Shoes


All three styles look dynamite paired with red Landon Wedge Shoes from OKA-B (Oka-b. com), whose peep toe and enamel heart add a fun, flirty splash of color to any ensemble.


Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Cate & Chloe Sloane Hero Sterling Silver 18k White Gold Plated Swarovski Drop Necklace

Sloane Hero Sterling Silver 18k White Gold Plated Swarovski Drop Necklace by Cate & Chloe


Diamonds may be some girls’ best friend, but we’ve stopped buying them due to ethical and ecological concerns. CATE & CHLOE ( offers an excellent, affordable alternative with their Sloane “Hero” Swarovski Drop Necklace. Three beautiful round-cut Swarovski stones add a classy touch of bling, but the sterling silver and 18K white gold plating keep it subtle…


Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Date Flower Wood Watch by WeWood

Date Flower Wood Watch by WeWood


For earthy accessories, we’re huge fans of WEWOOD WATCHES ( Their “Date Flower” women’s watch is made from beige Maple wood adorned with colorful flowers, comes in eco-friendly packaging, and they plant a tree for every watch purchased.


Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Pascha Organic Dark Chocolate

Organic Dark Chocolate by Pascha



After dinner out on the town, we head home for drinks and dessert. Chocolate is my lady’s favorite, but our tastes veer away from the Whitman’s Sampler towards fancier fare. PASCHA ( offers a great selection of organic dark chocolates– including 85% cacao, 55% cacao, and 55% with goldberries– that are rich with flavor and full of antioxidants…


Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Endangered Species Chocolate

Endangered Species Chocolate


ENDANGERED SPECIES CHOCOLATE ( is an indulgence you can feel good about: Whether you prefer dark chocolate bars with Pumpkin Spice & Almonds or Caramel & Sea Salt or Cocoa Spreads with Hazelnut, 10% of every purchase benefits wildlife conservation programs…


Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Malvi Marshmallow Confections

Malvi Original Sampler


For a change of pace, treat your sweet to Marshmallow Confections from Atlanta’s MALVI (MalviMallow. com). Their marshmallow sandwich cookies come in fun flavors such as Pumpkin Ginger, Raspberry Hibiscus and Spiked Espresso…


Valentine's Day Gift Guie - Syltbar Prosecco & Strawberries

Syltbar Prosecco & Strawberries


Top it all off with Prosecco and Rosé from SYLTBAR (Syltbar. com), which have 4 times lower sugar content than most sparkling wines and contain 49-63 calories per 6 ounce glass!


Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Moji Curve Pro Massager

Curve Pro Massager by Moji



Nothing eases the segue into more sensual desires better than a relaxing massage. The Curve Pro Massager from MOJI ( is great, with rotating stainless steel massage spheres that are designed to hit hard-to-reach areas…


Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Ola Pono Lomi Kit

Pono Lomi Kit by Ola


For a taste of the tropics, try the Pono Lomi Stick and Massage Oil from OLA HAWAIIAN BODY PRODUCTS (HawaiianBodyProducts. com). Lomolomi massage is an ancient Polynesian tradition, and the tapered loom stick and Lemongrass Ginger-scented oil are guaranteed to help relieve tension and relax your partner…


Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Nubian Heritage Bath Massage Oil

Bath and Massage Oils by Nubian Heritage


For true erotic intimacy, you’ll need to get your hands dirty. NUBIAN HERITAGE ( has exceptional, all-natural bath and massage oils in sumptuous scents such as Mango Butter, Frankincense & Myrrh, and Patchouli & Buriti.


Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Sierra Sage Southern Butter Intimates Variety Pack

Southern Butter Intimates Variety Pack from Green Goo by Sierra Sage


Has your sex life has become routine? Valentine’s Day offers an opportunity to stoke the fires of desire with playfulness and spice. The Southern Butter Intimacy Variety Pack from GREEN GOO BY SIERRA SAGE ( includes Sensual Massage Oil, Lubricant, Body Butter, and aphrodisiac Kiss-On Lip Balm designed to get your motor running…


Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Liberatore heart wedge

Heart Wedge by Liberator


The Heart Wedge from LIBERATOR ( is a deceptively simple way to enhance both partners’ pleasure. You’d be amazed the difference a shift in lift and angle can make…


Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Loki Wave Obsidian

Loki Wave Obsidian by Lelo


With celeb fans such as Kim & Kanye and Beyoncé & Jay-Z, LELO ( is the most famous adult toy line in the world. From the INA Wave (for her) to the LOKI Wave (for him), they’re sure to end your Valentine’s Day with a bang!

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